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Welcome to the very heart of Spanish traditions - Bodegas del Señorío winery in the province of Cariñena!

Enjoy the perfect taste and the sophisticated bouquet of Aragon wines from an old privately owned winery Bodegas del Señorío. Experience the taste of passion and the redolent aroma of true Spain!

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Special offer!

Buy online 2 packs of Senda Lasarda or Señorío de la Obra wine and we will send you a bottle of red wine Viña Velerma Syrah as a gift – experience this delicate taste from Bodegas del Señorío winery! 

The pride of our winery- Senda Lasarda and Señorío de la Obra wines — are produced from the finest red grape varieties and aged in oak barrels. Having once tried these wines you will inevitably want to feel this pleasure again. That is why we have a special offer for you – a valuable gift on buying two packs of wine. 

Nowadays, not everyone can afford to have his own wine cellar, but a bottle of good wine should always be at hand! May there always be Senda Lasarda and Señorío de la Obra in your house or restaurant. And you can open a gift bottle of Viña Velerma Syrah for dinner tonight! 

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Исторический регион КариненаТень и камни. Горы и долины. Вода и ветер

A historical region

For many centuries, picturesque terraces and vineyards of the Kingdom of Aragon have formed a unique landscape lying at the foothills of the Pyrenees and on the valleys of the deep river Ebro. Here a legendary wine region Cariñena covering 20000 hectares of land is located.  The region owes its fame to favourable climate and loyalty to high quality standards.

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